【Future】6S Callus Remover-Manual

Gadgets of product

  • 6S Callus Remover x1
  • USB charging cable x1
  • Grinder Heads x2
  • Cotton for collecting dust x2
  • Metal cap x1
  • Brusher x1
  • Finger tip x1
  • Polishing head x1

Product Spec

  • Product code:FG13955
  • Charging Voltage:5V
  • Charging current:0.6~1A
  • Output power : Max 10w
  • Battery Capacity : 2800mah
  • Engine no load speed: Max 28000 RPM
  • Engine no load current: 1.0A MAX
  • Engine load speed: 22000 RPM
  • Working temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C

Schematic diagram


  1. How to use : press the switch to make grinder head spin, loose it then it stops.
  2. You can choose smooth or rough grinder head which depends on your need.
  3. When cutting nails, please attach the metal cover to 6S skin healing grinder to prevent from injury.
  4. After finishing using it, take off the grinder head, use the water to clean the brush and make it dry. As for the machine body, just take off the cover and pat it. As for the cotton for collecting dust, you could change it which depends on your usage.
  5. Instruction for charging : while charging the instruction light would be red.
    Full charged would be green. Discharge the electrical line instruction then light would be off.
    * Can't use it while charging.
    * Product is with dust absorption function to prevent the fragment from falling.


  1. To guarantee the better user experience、prevent hazard from user, others or loss of your property, please strictly follow the instructions below.
  2. Please don't use this product while your mental health is in the bad condition and don't let kid use this product.
  3. If you feel not well of your skin while using it, please stop using immediately.
  4. Please charge it to 100% to gain the best product experience.
  5. To remain the effect of dust absorption, please clean it right after you use it.
  6. The Product is not waterproof, please don't clean it with water.
  7. After using, please charge it right away. It will cause damage of the battery and shorten its lifespan if lithium battery is in lack of charged situation for a long time.
  8. Grinder Head、Cotton for collecting the dust and cleaning brush are consumables, they're not in the warranty .